The importance of mental well-being in children and adolescents, for their healthy emotional, social, physical, cognitive and educational development, is well-recognized. There is now increasing evidence on the effectiveness of interventions to improve children's and adolescent's resilience, promote mental health and treat mental health problems and disorders.

A key area for mental health promotion lies in building effective community networks that bring together members of the community with the health, education, and social service professionals and organizations that serve children, youth and families. There is evidence for the effectiveness of community interventions for improving mental health and some social outcomes across social-ecological levels.

"Project Rise and Shine" is sponsored by the Hogg Foundation. This project is led by the Light and Salt Association and invites ten organizations from Asian American communities.
This project will focus on the development needs of Asian American adolescents and develop prevention plans and policies. It is hoped that by making full use of the community's organizational system and resources, it can actively promote the development of adolescents' mental health and the realization of personal value.

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